Exclusive Items 🤩

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General Info

These are items (and potentially nodes) you may win in Events, get from Donorcoins or just trade from other players. It is not possible to craft them.

List of Exclusive Items

Screenshot Name Type Description Specs
Santa Cap Event Item (Christmas) A fancy :santa: cap that can also replace your helmet. Like Crystal Helmet but you can’t breath under water you can however use it twice as long.
Rudolph Costume Event Item (Christmas) Beautiful full-body wear that makes you look like Rudolph. It replaces everything but the shield of yours, it is as strong as crystal, lasts twice as long but does not have special features.
Armor of a great Warrior Donor Item A set of cool looking and feature-rich armor (+shield). A bit stronger than Mithril or Crystal Armor + special features known from Crystal Armor.

are theese available at wip too ?
becoulse i would like that armor :>

Nope, not yet, sorry. Maybe in the future when vip gets some tracktion.

ohh :stuck_out_tongue:
i hope it does soon :slight_smile:

hey, i would like to have the armor of a great warrior. am i able to pay with my wery old
donor coins ?