Ethereal house open!

House 2 "Ethereal“ is open on Illuna TechEth!
It gives many information about the Ethereal mod (including Illunas unique mapgen).
Have a look by yourself! (coordinates: 285, -30 – near Travelcenter)


Finally! I waited for this for years!!!

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Now one house for each mod? :wink:

Well done!

There are about 150 mods, we will need more houses, chop chop dotti! :racehorse:

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@auouYmous Send me 150 trusted players. Then I’ll take care of the houses.

Dirk volunteered to do them all! :wink:

Dirk took… at least over a year for that one. I know you’re very ambitious, but seeing the last house finished in 2175… could be perhaps a tiny bit late. Dirk even hesitates to tell me where he wants to build next to the castle…
Talking about the builds next to the castle… :wink:

Uhm. The crystal farm is almost complete, so that other thing might be next up!

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Looking forward to that. Could be done before te Taj is finished… :smiley: