hi there :slight_smile:

finally, after a lots of work, and done with the outside :smiley: (almos, to do: change the mid towers roof, market to the bottom)
first time i just want to say: “go and explore it :D” this mind isnt changed :slight_smile:
go and explore it :smiley:
but if you dont want :

my record is chrashed so, maybe later …

somehow a picture is wont upload himself…

nice one!

I… want a building of the week tag for topics…

xD i wont use it :wink:

@jakab your builds are amazing as is your enthusiasm and passion for Illuna. =)

thanks :slight_smile:
yeah: “i love The Wonderful World of illuna” :wink:

i didnt know this exist :smiley:

i must build this :open_mouth:

and more …

@jakab said:
i must build this :open_mouth:

I believe you could build this amazing fortress. You have great talent for large builds. I look forward to seeing it complete! =)

Looks very similar to the castle we have here in Cape Town

it is also nice :slight_smile:

how can i edit my topic ?? i cant find the “edit” button :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: