hi all :slight_smile:

(this isnt going to be from the “lord of the rings” i just took its name ;))
~~this will be a big building … ~~
~~im created this discussion, to give you a job :slight_smile: ~~

~~this is the place (the surronding cobblestone is show’s the border line) : ~~
this is the heigh :slight_smile:
actually the job is to dig. i am want a flat place until 30 height. i started to dig so you can see it how high is the point :slight_smile:
(???,30,??? coordinates with f5)
(if you dont understand but want to help, please write your problem in a comment :))
you can go there with my travelnet: “edoras” (last i think :p)
if you dig 99 dirt/cobblestone, you will get 1 minecoin :slight_smile:
(i placed there two shops where you can exchange the stuff :slight_smile: also from a chest you can take mithril showel)
(dont use tnt! it is dangeorus! )
(please do not cheet! this is serious for me! )
i will build the real Elvas


yup this isnt a communityproject :slight_smile:
just the foundation :stuck_out_tongue:

May i move this to general?
I don’t really know but it is not a presentation of your building so it’s wron here.

if you want ^^ its okay with me :slight_smile:
if its done i will just edit it so i put it here :slight_smile:

i want to help but dont know how to get there

I went to help but I was not sure where it must be leveled off from.

i will show you if i am there :slight_smile:
and with my travelnet “edoras” you can get there :slight_smile: