Easter Event 2019


Illuna is welcoming you to this year’s Easter Event!

This year we bring to you two amazing exclusive items, you can win in the maze at the event area, which is as usual next to the Travelcenter. Try to solve the maze, spend hours and don’t try to get crazy while looking for the right path. :wink:
Kudos go to @dotti who spent countless hours, building this enormous egg and the maze, and to @Olivia who helped him cleaning the construction site.

Outside the maze:

Easter Eggs
They drop you Donorcoins and Rainbow Arrows!
We expect you to make the sky look fancy with them!


Inside the maze

If you are patient enough, you can either get:

The Hanging Glider
This can be very useful on mountains, in huge caves or in space.
To be fair, a basic version of it will be available to craft, after this event.

The "Chakram of Ostara"
A very power- and colorful chakram,
it glows on use and can even be used for mining.
There is a tiny thing left on our todo-list for it, but it already brings all the features. :slight_smile:
(It is supposed to bring you the node, not just add it in your inventory)
A very basic version of the chakram will be craftable after the event ends.

Have fun, thanks for playing on Illuna! :tada:



Wow! Thanks to @dotti and @Olivia and everyone else for putting together these amazing items! I’ll be sure to try to get them soon! (Let’s hope I don’t get lost in the maze…)

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Yay! I’ve now solved the maze for both rewards, and I have a few tips for others:

  • There are 2 endings/gifts that you can recieve. This will be made obvious as you go on through the maze. However, I’m pretty sure there are multiple ways to get to each ending.
  • The quickest decent is not always the right choice. The first portion of the maze deals with loops and twisty turns. Find your way to an exit, whatever and where ever that may be.
  • As you decend down into the heart of the egg, the maze becomes thinner and tricker. The middle part of the maze contains hallways with many branches. Always keep the exit in sight - sometimes the straightest route is the way to go.
  • Finally, the bottom part of the maze deals mostly with teleportation loops, so try not to get lost in the ether. If forced to make a choice, always choose downwards.

I hope that these tips are helpful enough to help people on their way through the maze, but cryptic enough to keep the fun! :wink:

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Dude! You tell all the hints.
Probably I have to change some things in the next days :wink:

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Whoops! Nevertheless, changing the maze might actually be a fun idea for all players (even though it could take some work)



Minor changes can be done in a few minutes. Bigger changes can’t be done at all :smiley: It took me days to build this version of the maze. I save my ideas for the next maze :vampire: :smiling_imp: