Donorcoins and what to buy

How do I buy donorcoins? What’s the best stuff to spend them on?

My tips:

  • read “donating” in the wiki block
  • find your way to the market via travelcenter and have a look at the black market stand
  • compare the goods - some of them may be easier to get by yourself or buy from others

Go to /spawn. Go up the stairs into the little castle. There is an exit on the left to donor garden. There you can read that you should contact Milan :wink:

But to be frank: all the donation thing never has been for the goods. It’s just a little thank you.

i would love to thank them! but also i found the first hard hostile npc, and i wanna kick it’s ass. Also i just found one of those underground dungeon places, geosomething, it’s pretty cool