Delighted Gardeners - the latest Updates on Illuna


  • Soup is finally compatible with hunger
  • Some old slabs from acacia wood were broken by players who did not visited us on the change.
    This is fixed and prevented now.
  • The small rats are now also cookable
  • Bees:
  • Bees are now dropping pollen instead of honey.
  • Punching a beehive no longer gives you damage, instead one or two angry bees will spawn and attack you.
    Since they’re angry, they dont want to build a beehive with you, but its planned to add a solution to make them back to regular bees.
  • Pollen can be used to craft honey
  • Lava Pickaxe dropped wrong numbers of burned stuff, like just one wire from meseblock.
    This is fixed now.
  • The Farming mod(s) has been replaced. We have new plants with new grow stages, new features,
    new craftitems…just awesome, checkout craftguide for farming!
    You may expect that some custom textures are away, we will update our texturepack soon.
  • Mobs are now updated to the latest developement state
    • Dungeon Master will hit you now if you’re near enough
  • Servercrashes created from sandworms are now fixed.
  • Minetest itself was updated to the latest developement state.
    There aren’t big changes since we already was very near to the latest state.
    • Versionnumber has been changed to 0.4.14-dev
    • DB Adapter has beed cleaned up


  • Joining us is no longer possible while typing the /illuna5013.
    Instead new players have to introduce themselfs in the forum.
    This change was because a group of more intelligent trolls/griefers a view day ago.
    We banned around ten people in a few hours.


  • Old bones are now officially available for everyone.
    Just please keep in mind that the owner may get sad if the bones are away.


  • Our Theme got a few completetions.
  • Much missing backgrounds are fixed now.
  • Some miscolored elements are fixed
  • The footer as been rewritten
  • “Into the topic” has been enabled because it has to be redesigned and does not have high priority.
    I am sure no one will miss it.
  • News postet into the forum will now have an individual headline.


  • Home
  • Join and Screenshotbuttons got Icons
  • Stats
  • Note about Servermigration has been removed

And some small visual tweaks

im so sad i could have infinite food , but of coure it woundt be fair

oh didnt see that i could craft honey :slight_smile: