Deep Mine at kings land

Here are some screen shots of the mine at kings land town

The Shaft

Cuts Through Lava


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What texture pack are you using?

@ClaudiusMinimus i guess it is the John Smith texturepack.

@semmett1 impressing shaft, looks like your second upload is broken :confused:

Yup 2nd upload is broken :frowning:

#1: Yes, it’s pretty impressive when you die after a 1k fall down that mineshaft. I didn’t try it though :joy:
#2: I think I can confirm John Smith. I use it myself, but I have deleted some of the basic (stone, some wood) textures to see how other players see my builds. But I love that set of textures most. Illunas textures are a bit too hi-res for me at times, though they look great as well. And some flicker, though I read that issue is known.

Have fun, noob101

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The flickering is caused by the clients graphics settings, i always forget which setting is the needed one but this is
my current, flickering free setup (not primary, i played a bit around to get cleaner recordings but without success, grml)