Death location?

Doesn’t the server remind you where you died? I never had the option and I’d really like my stuff lol. Plus it’s in some weird cave biome with hot metal towers and everything looks the same and it hurts to exist there.

Are you able to get back to the biome? Standing on the orange and yellow blocks is what hurts, make cobble pathways to avoid damage.

I can but everything looks the same there and i’d be searching randomly. It doesn’t matter so much now, i was able to find a crystal teleport that hasn’t hogged it all with protection blocks lol. it’s an awesome biome, is there docs on it anywhere? The damage seems to ignore crystal armor protection which sucks

Documentation for the crystal biome? A crystal shovel can pickup the blue dirt. Place a large flat area of dirt with a couple blue dirt blocks and they will spread. Then put down some blue grass, and it will spread and turn into crysal spikes.

Put on crystal boots, legs, and chest with an event helmet (it is so much better than the crystal helmet). You won’t take damage but your crystal armor will lose durability quickly. But an MV tool workshop can be used to repair the armor.

@baph its maybe late, but each time you die, the server writes out the exact coordinates where you left your bones. In the worst case rn, you can ask Milan to help you get your bones’ coordinates, and then find it by the given numbers.