Content for our upcoming Wiki

Before i think by my self what should be placed into a Illuna specific Wiki, and no one needs it,
i wanna ask you: What do you wanna see in a Illuna specific Wiki?

So let it be community-driven:
Basicly you just need to know how to use Markdown properbly.
The pages of the Wiki are in a Git repository and you can fork them and edit them. After that, just create a pull request.
You also don’t need to know all the Git commands, our Git instance provides online-editing.

Well, lets see what happens… :3

For example a Minecraft vs Minetest article for new players to see the difference, and some mesecon articles/howtos. I could also make an article on howto create textures with Krita ^^

thats would be nice :slight_smile:
me and aaaaa also creating “mesecon tuutorial” for youtube already

If you dont wanna use our Git, but wanna create / edit pages anyway, just send me your stuff.

thanks milan :slight_smile:

I like this idea. I could do a sneak ladder tutorial. It was like the best kept secret until I learned it - hidden in plain sight.

yes it was funny when i learned all of the secret of minetest :smiley:

If you don’t wanna contribute using our git, maybe just use this thread, or we’ll add a specific category somewhen…as i told… community driven :wink:


  • try to write in your best english (the one better then mine xD)
  • split your post in two parts:
  • your content for the wiki page
  • your content in code for easier copying to the wiki using 3x ` to mark the code area

Since you may prefer more style options as the editor offers, check this out:


That’s my amazing content:

**That's my amazing content**

(this is to me ?)

@jakab said:
thats would be nice :slight_smile:
me and aaaaa also creating “mesecon tuutorial” for youtube already

can’t wait to see this

sorry for the time xP

but i can show you things at illuna :slight_smile: just tell me when :wink: