Colorful World - the latest Updates on Illuna


  • new trees added! Say hello to beeches.
  • darkage stuff is now compatible with the circular saw!
    Total added blocks: 19
  • /away and /re is now streamed to our IRC and XMPP chat
  • /away and /re was converted to a “real” command and depends on shout now
  • /spawn was also converted and requieres interact now
  • /helpcmdplus is /commands now and offers more informations
  • introducing /notice command, currently depending on the notice privilege
  • introducing /arrest command for very very angry moderators and admins
    it will teleport a player to the prison and will soon also remove every privilege except shout.
  • homedecor:wardrobe was replaced with wardrobe:wardrobe we patched the mod to look like the old wardrobe and added first skins.
    Wanna have new awesome skins included? Give us your favorite Minecraft skins for example and we’ll convert them for you.
    For now the choosed skin will be overwritten by Character Creator on the next login. This will hopefully be prevented soon. Have fun with it, you can choose between 20 skins yet!
  • a new mod called ctravelnet has been created. It provides currently a light-blue travelbox without crafting recipe and is designed for the Illuna Travelnet, which was reworked by @dotti.
  • the bag recipe was updated again, looks like we lost it on the server movement in the past (thanks @dotti)
  • hungerpoints from pies were increased
  • pie slices are now compatible with hunger


  • the css was cleaned to improve the pageload and safe your network flatrate
  • code style updated
  • small style improvements


  • the old landingpage was removed
  • the homepage is temporally only in english, a language switch to german (and hopefully more in the future) will follow soon.
  • note about latest Minetest with button to the download page has been added
  • old links were updated
  • spelling and typo corrections
  • small style improvements
  • performance improvements
  • re-sorted navigation bar

Homepage + Forum

  • We’re using own repositorys and domains for the scripts and images now.
    They are also in own repositorys now to make everything simplier to maintain.
  • font size has been increased to 16px

Might be using that /arrest. Muhahahaha

thats cool milan :smiley: