Collect up your Arrows - the latest Updates on Illuna


  • Ambience

    • fixed some bugs which caused the server to crash
  • Bows

    • arrows can now be collected up after use (except fire arrows)
  • Caverealms

    • stones: don’t drop cobble, drop themself instead
  • Columnia

    • added darkage:serpentine
    • added darkage:marble
    • added default:sandstone_block by @ClaudiusMinimus
  • Illuna

    • added teamwall and a (wip) particlespawner
  • Mesecons (external update)

    • many bugfixes and code improvements
  • Minetest + Minetest Game were completly updated/merged

    • not much notable (visible) changes yet but many improvements under the hood.
    • snow is now walkable (like a plant)
    • there are new plantlike types, we will update some plants soon.
  • Moreblocks

    • the new *_block nodes from the default mod are now included
  • Moretrees (external update)

    • datepalm added, coconut palm improved
    • poplar tree added
    • the old pine which became the default pine is now back as cedar
  • handle_schematics

    • drop recipe
  • Homedecor

    • removed building_blocks:Marble, using darkage:marble now
  • Pkarcs

    • the new *_block nodes from the default mod are now included
    • added darkage:marble


  • added back-to-top button
  • added hompages navbar above the forum navbar
  • fix overlapping images, for example, on user walls
  • several small css enhancements


  • english locale improved by @snowmann
  • donate: added hover effect to image links
  • donate: updated to latest serverpayment
  • fixed font src url
  • added blog functionallity
  • renamed /mapshots into /map and /map into /map-fullscreen
  • several small css enhancements

…and something else i may forgot. :slight_smile:

great job :slight_smile: especially the arrows. but what does this mean?

@Milan said:

  • handle_schematics
    • drop recipe

The handle_chematic mod brings a tool which was craftable but useless so far for player use.

@Milan said:
added default:sandstone_block by @ClaudiusMinimus

Somehow sandstone_block was removed from Columbia on this last update

Which tool was that?

@Askalienkos said:
Which tool was that?


The handle_schematic?

^ this mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok ok got u. This is explained way better than when i searched for it earlier