Coesetas new textures


I made some new textures today.

* darkage_reinforce
* darkage_adobe
* darkage_basalt
* darkage_basalt_cobble
* darkage_chalk_powder
* darkage_gneiss
* darkage_gneiss_cobble
* darkage_lamp
* darkage_mud_lump
* darkage_ors_cobble
* darkage_silt_lump
* darkage_wood_frame


awesome! :+1:

have we a place at the server, where all blocks are, to see them?

Well, we have this for example…

no, something like a showroom in Minetest

Not a bad idea, it currently doesnt exist but we can build it together :+1:

Your textures are amazing!

the mud looks like a turd :slight_smile:

@ThedarkFlame said:
the mud looks like a turd :slight_smile:

He means a cool looking turd. B)

when i saw it first time i was thinking “is that poop ?? what an interesting mod …” :smiley:
(also we have poop mod somewhere at minetest forum …)

Thanks all of you :slight_smile:
As soon as I have more time again I will continue creating textures :wink:

Can we request textures? If so, I suppose this would be in the “Feature Request” category. The reason I ask is because of the Terra Nova project, and @dotti soon to be starting the Pantheon there are many types of textures from the ancient would that might be useful. I won’t specify them here and now as stated, just want to know what the process is. This might be helpful to others who also might want a specific texture.

Also, is it possible to submit a texture, if so, what is that process?

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. B)

Sure you can do requests :slight_smile:
You could also submit some self made textures if you want, but they have to fit in with the other textures we already created.