ClaudiusMinimus is a YouTuber - First Video


I just made my first video showing Minetest and sneak-ladders. Because it was my first video, I made it in a local sub-game, Legend of Minetest. I did not post this in the Illuna Video category, due to the fact it was in a singleplayer game. My next video I will record while playing on Illuna. I do mention Illuna in the notes description. I would greatly appreciate feedback on the quality, narration and format of the video.

Also, I’m thinking of created a new player profile and doing an Illuna lets-play series.


Oh that’s nice, keep it up!


The next one will be on Illuna. What do you think of me creating a newbie player account to do a let’s play?


Why not - i actually had the same idea a short while ago but no time to do so. :stuck_out_tongue:


Illuna Players: If you see OldManCM on the VIP world or when the Technicworld goes live it is me and I’m probably doing an Illuna YouTube video. I will have chat turned off, so please do not think I am ignoring you. I will try to do the recordings during non-peak hours (US evening)


Nice video Claudius :slight_smile:


Yeah. You could show the whole signup process with reading all the rules, making an account here and a nice introduction, waiting until a member of staff reads it and reacts on it, finding a nice free building area, again reading the 100 node rule and starting building.
How to play like a pro (dotti):
-collect seeds in the pub farm, get some banana saplings, 2 more iron picks
-build a shed
-dig down
-collect iron, make a bucket, start a farm
-dig further and further, upgrade to bronze and to diamond, dig, dig, dig.
-build a nice house.


Nice one Claudius!
Just one small remark: keep the microphone a bit further from you mouth, it sounds better then and the munching will not be that audible anymore :wink:


I give that a try. The munching/crunching sound was driving me crazy trying to figure out where it was coming from. Maybe I should do a few more tests before I start the let’s play series. Thanks for the suggestion! :smile:


I have created a player account, OldManCM, and @Milan granted interact, but I saw the opening message and did not take advantage of it. I am thinking of approaching this like a total @noob101 (oops, sorry noob) and doing the whole chat asking to “get interact” and reading the rules (I won’t actually read the rules in the video, but act as if I did) and agree to them. Therefore, I will need to either delete the OldManCM player or revoke interact and just grant shout and home like any newbie.

I also plan on doing the other things you suggest, except I was thinking of using my hero, @ClaudiusMinimus as my role model example :heart_eyes:. I here that @dotti is a pyro-archer (typo: you left out the “y” in pro :imp:). Seriously, your advice is good. I’m tried to get the “You are here” map done at spawn, but had some image corruption issue, so I need to sort that out. I would like to show the maps in the video.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.