🐈 Purrbot Trigger-words

##The Purrbot Trigger-words

####What’s Purrbot?
Purrbot :tm: is our funny Chatbot, always present in our XMPP channel and available in all our chats.
He/She/It (no one really knows) is powered by Hubot a very flexible and easy to extent NodeJS bot.
The most people may have seen Purrbot :tm:'s link previews already but there is more. When any of the following “trigger-words” are entered in the in-game chat, then Purrbot :tm: will automatically attempt to provide information based upon the trigger-words entered.
####VIP World Join Steps

  • interact bekommen
  • kann nichts abbauen
  • musst interact haben
  • ich interact
  • illuna beitreten
    -> Huh? Du willst mitspielen? Super! 1. Lese https://illuna.rocks/rules 2. Joine unserer Community auf https://meet.illuna.rocks und stelle dich kurz vor. 3. Habe eine wundervolle und entspannte Zeit auf dem Illuna VIP Server!

Anything Else

  • fish (some bad fish jokes)
  • purrbot, excuse (some developer excuses)
  • purrbot, flip this (returns (╯°□°)╯︵ sıɥʇ (might not be visible in minetest))

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