Can someone set up a real wiki?

maybe even something simple and nerdy like tikiwiki, this game is pretty confusing with all the random mods with their outdated docs and such. i’m also experienced with mediawiki

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im not good making wikis, but i probably can give you all the info you may need (almost…).

do any armors other than crystal give any special benefits? i’ve seen some special items like the Glider of Ostara, are they better than the regular glider? What about that donorcoin armor of some forgotten warrior or something? can i find mobs that are a threat to me with mithril everything?

There is a shop next to jakab’s that shows stats of each armor. Donor armor combines the strength of mithril with all bonuses of crystal. The halloween helmet can be combined with another armor set, minus its helmet, to give outrageous strength.

i have the halloween basket, i just need to go around tagging the places? i’ve seen the candy jars

i wish we had items that mattered and enemies that took effort to fight, i’m gonna start looking into the mods and seeing if i cam make them interact more naturally. i got an enchantment table and it works on nothing mithril or most other things. also the farming stuff needs more reasons to do it. maybe temp upgrades or something. doesn’t seem hard to code from what i’ve seen, i’ll look into it

The enchantment table only works on default items.
And you are free to contribute to all the mods. That’s open source.

yeah i plan on it, i just work a lot. seems pretty simple from the source i’ve looked at :slight_smile:

We had one once, but never took off. However if we have ppl willing to work on it with us, i can have a look at something like mediawiki again - but likely not before 17th of this month…