Building stuff

i have a question is it okay if i build a very modern house ? because the rest of you seem to be building roman style houses.

you may build on your ground whatever you like.

if you build a modern house it will be great to see it .
actually i dont like modern house to build, but i like to see them :smiley:

While I did not build the first Greek/Roman build on Illuna, it was my idea to start a Roman themed community. If you build inside Terra Nova, then I ask you use a Roman build, but outside do whatever you want. Even within Terra Nova, I suppose I cannot force anyone to build Roman style. The most important thing is to have fun be good to others, and to help make Illuna the wonderful place it is. =)

i just built a modren house :slight_smile:

@ThedarkFlame said:
i just built a modren house :slight_smile:
BTW: Your place is looking great! Keep up the good work. =)