Bubble Gum Bank Open


Hey! The Bubble Gum Bank just open, weell some detail still to be made but it’s fonctional, it simple it an enderchest and will add soon a coin converter. I will work on a Network of bank so you guy can have a touch of you money/precious stuff everywhere.

btw it located at the south-west pad.



Interesting idea! This could really change the economy on IIluna… :money_with_wings:



As the economy on illuna really sucks, I appreciate such approaches.



i like the idea that you use enderchests. its like a real bank account!

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I like the idea and look forward to checking it out next time I’m online :slight_smile: It would be amazing if we could have a bank branch in each beginner village, where many of the shops are. Or at least maintain a tnet between shops and bank branches on the server. That could really spur the economy on Illuna, I hope!

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