Beaumeris Castle


For the past few weeks I have been working on Beaumeris Castle, which is based on a castle of the same name in Wales. This is a big castle and I only had room to build half of it. The ohter half is getting mined out of the cliff wall behind it. Oh yeah, the castle is at -1600 in a caverealms cavern.

South Side of Beaumeris

Front (East) Side of Beaumeris


Beaumeris may be visit by using my travelnet at the Travel Center or at @Sotoryos_gfjh World Gate.

Beaumeris is still under construction


This is really good Claudius ! I can give a hand excavating the cliff if my dsl works later on :slight_smile:


This looks awesome, can I connect it to my travelnet?


It’s beautiful Claudius!!


Thank you everyone for all your nice words! I was quite surprised to see Beaumeris Castle as the featured build of the week. I have been resting a lot and hope to slowly rejoin.

This would be wonderful. I think I wold like it to look like the other side of the castle is sitting deep in a natural cave as much as possible.

Yes, Maybe we should make a specific location for player TN (“TravelNets”). For now I think there is room in the Front tower, where I have already placed 1-2 TN plus an elevator. I would like to make it look planned, Right now it is kind of a mess. I’ll try to look at it as soon as possible and place markers for player TN.


I have removed the minisun from the front tower and re-spaced the existing travel nets, You should now be able to place a travelnet in the front tower

  1. The problem is:I need travelnet to get there, but to put travelnet there I need to get there…
  2. Actually the castle isn’t awesome. It’ fantastic.


Beaumeris Castle currently has a travelnet/teleport in the following locations:

  1. Spawn building
  2. @Sotoryos_gfjh’s World Gate
  3. My travelnet in the Travel Center

:blush: Thank you for your very kind words! :blush:


nice :slight_smile: i like it :thumbsup:


By the way, here is the screenshot i made for the sidebar:


Thank you! It looks great! :smiley:


Can I just out down a travelnet box?


@LRV I’m sorry, but I do not understand your question. If you are asking to place a travelnet, then you may do so in the front tower, which is outside the main wall. There are several travelnets in there already.


I made a few writing mistakes. The question is ment to mean:Can I just go to the castle, put down a traveling box and connect it to my net(I will put it into the net room of course)?Too I would ask:Can I kill lava flans there?


I will place slots in the tower for placing travelnets. (This applies to any player who wants to place a Travelnet at Bearmeris.

Yes, you may kill lava flans, all I ask is that you bring stone with you (not cobble, but stone) to fill the holes where dungeon masters blow up the ground. They will spawn if players are down there.

You may also help, by working on the lava moat, I have a lot of lava in the chests by the obsidian brick machine. If you do this, please return the empty buckets to the chests and only fill the areas with lava that I have already prepared. :smiley: