Basic technic question about pipes

I have a MV grinder with a control module, but i can’t seem to make it pass ground ore to my MV furnace when any obvious pipe is put into the second upgrade slot. Am i missing something?

If the machine is facing north or south, it ejects from the right side.
If the machine is facing east or west, it ejects from the left side.
Confused yet? :slight_smile:

almost, can i just use the most basic pipe? does it matter what slot i put it in?

You only need a control logic unit (CLU) in one of the upgrades slots and the machine will eject from the left or right side, based on which direction it faces. Adding more CLUs (they stack), will make it eject faster.

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yeah all the docs for mods are very annoying lol, i swear there was a reason to put a pipe in an upgrade slot? i would love to start a real wiki for illuna and all its mods, i’ve been playing for like a year and just discovered crystal boots

The docs do incorrectly say to use a pipe. A pipe was probably originally used to eject, and then CLU was added and no one updated the docs.

An illuna wiki would be nice…

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i just posted about it there. thanks for the info, saving me a lot of time