Autumn Festival Event

Dear Friends and Family of Illuna,
We are very excited to invite you to our first annual:

Autumn Festival Event

It’s Halloween Time!

Visit Illuna Spawn Town and find your way through the maze of sticky decorations, which will be on display from October 21st through November 6th.

Craft a candy bucket and get some free candies from Treat Boxes placed around Spawn Town. Beware–you may bump into an Event-mob :jack_o_lantern: dropping candies :lollipop: and special items!

Last Night of The Dragon

Illuna unites to eradicate dragons in the fight for their lives!

A long time ago, dragons breathed their destructive stench of fire and ice on our homes—Never again will dragons terrorize our land! Now is the time to restore our wonderful country of Illuna from the fire, ash and destruction inflicted from the winged serpentine monsters. Join us as we banish the dark and evil menace back deep into the abyss of the Cave Realms. The day of our revenge has come as we plunder those who have plundered, and as we deny the dragons of their fabulous treasury; their legendary eggs. Join us in making history. Join us and be remembered in the songs and lore of Illuna—never to be forgotten—in this pivotal last night of the dragon.

Date/Time: Saturday October 29, 2016 EU 19h (7h PM) utc+1 to 22h (1PM – 4PM EST utc-4)

  • The event will be posted on YouTube and hopefully a live stream will be available. More details will be posted on the Illuna forum.

  • All participants will receive a surprising amount of Donorcoins, which can be exchanged for in-game items, such as: fly, healing and speed potions, armor, bags, and more… .

  • This is a family friendly event and we ask that all participants to please be courteous, respectful and mindful that children and their families may be participating.

This last bit of news is you may have noticed our forum has a new look. We would like to announce that we are now using the Discourse forum software. It has many wonderful features and hope you enjoy using it.
Please feel free to send us your feedback regarding this change.

We look forward to seeing you on Illuna soon.

Have lots of fun! during the festivities and we will see you in-game!

Thank you,
The Illuna Team

PS for Mail notifications: The Wonderful World of Illuna strives to send out not more than four mails like this per year.

Mention: @trust_level_1


I made some screenshot of the brave warriors fighting against the dragons.


Thanks for nice pictures lol i took time to face the camera :blush: in the midst of battle. :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, FoxZoolm was recording everything. Hope we will get good live footage too. :slight_smile: Man you shouldn’t have hide the chat. It would be fun to see what illuna folks talk/gossip in the midst of battle :smiley:

@Mithos made a little recording as well.

Very good to analyze his mistakes and give him tips to survive longer the next time. :smiley:


Here are some screenshots by me - i switched to recording later, lets see. :slight_smile:


Man Mithos died 2 times while recording someone should have cover him and i was talking some crap s@#t as always like “war!! For Illuna” lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

It the second pic, i am doing moon walk or something :stuck_out_tongue: Nice and clear shots though very good.

21:48:23) irc: mainworld: FoxZOolm: yellow dragons
(21:49:37) irc: mainworld: tm3: lol passant we are killing covert . Kill dragon behind their a** lol
(21:49:46) irc: mainworld: FoxZOolm: go maxmustermann !!!
(21:49:46) irc: mainworld: tm3: for illuna!! war!
(21:49:50) irc: mainworld: FoxZOolm: kill it
(21:50:17) irc: mainworld: tm3: lol
(21:50:21) irc: mainworld: tm3: walls are great
(21:50:31) irc: mainworld: tm3: except trump walls xd
(21:50:47) irc: mainworld: FoxZOolm: go maxmustermann !!!
(21:51:08) irc: mainworld: FoxZOolm: pride and valor !! for illuna
(21:51:12) irc: mainworld: tm3: sector clear!
(21:51:15) irc: mainworld: Passant: googoogooo \o/ )o) (o(
(21:51:19) irc: mainworld: tm3: lol csgo
(21:51:34) irc: mainworld: *** tm3 died.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Nice.

What a coincidence it is ! Yesterday we fought Dragons to illuminate Illuna and dispel the darkness of Dragons. And Today it is Diwali (Festival of light to dispel darkness) in Here (India) .


Very very nice Pictures you took : )

haha, yes I forgot to put on my Armor after dying xD. I guess it was because of the recording :wink:

After all this dragon killing I’d like to share a song with you.

or (here it says cc by-sa)