An event mod I wrote today

I was talking to Elvas the other day about event item farming exploits and came up with an idea to collect keys from various areas of an event and then turn them in to receive a prize. I was bored today and wrote an entire mod to do it. :wink:

When you step on a key pad, it gives you the key and then teleports you somewhere else (event lobby…). Once you have all keys, you step on a prize pad (in event lobby…) which takes the keys and gives you items. Or a command block can be activated to give the prize. Farming is still possible, it just takes a lot more work.

The keys can be named and any color, or custom textures used to create different looking keys (pumpkin key, ghost key, …). It also supports multiple simultaneous events, each with unique keys.


last time i already decided to work out, and use the idea if the Team agrees (i’m sure they will ;D )
so, i would be glad to see this mod ingame! i guess this will make it more fun than finding signs with codes …
one idea: can you make the keys more like a key ? :smiley: they look a bit strange with that “sun” shape … other than that, the mod looks really good, and well made!

this sounds quite useful for future events

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Doesn’t look bad. Christmas is coming soon™ and there will be probably 3 event items…


I’m not smart enough to figure out what that book says, yet.

I didn’t have enough time to make proper textures and stole the pads from another mod I made. The key texture was quickly made and will be refined into something better as I get ideas (including the pad textures). Unless a real artist wants to make textures for them…

But the keys don’t actually need to look like “keys”, they can be magical artifacts/orbs/stones/creatures/… that unlock the prize. And like I said before, themed events can have a custom texture for each key to help indicate where the key is found. Maybe with each key and prize on pedestals in the prize room.

…sacrifice all black armor parts the get… (whatever… ) :smiley:

  • Renamed /give_event_prize to /eventkeys_giveprize.
  • Added /eventkeys_list to list events and keys in an event.
  • Increased node activation radius by 50% to make triggering them easier (the reason I couldn’t trigger yellow in video).
  • Tweaked disc texture and added four additional key textures (including a key for jakab :slight_smile: ).
  • Replaced key and prize node textures.