An Automatic Tree Harvester

A few days ago, @ranger_clack asked for a robot that could automatically harvest trees.
…unfortunately, basic_robot is a bit hard to work with and technic energy is actually needed to dig nodes of most types. :slightly_frowning_face:

But I have another (hopefully not too complicated) solution: the Automatic Tree Harvester©™!

The concept is simple: automate the charging and using of a technic chainsaw on a tree.

The Breakdown

The tree harvester consists of four parts:

  1. A mv technic circuit containing a solar panel, switching station, and a mv battery box with a logic control unit upgrade.

  2. A pipeworks tube circuit that goes from the battery box’s output to a node breaker and then out from the node breaker back to the battery box’s input. This cycles the chainsaw from charging and usage.

  3. A mesecons circuit containing a node detector looking for a tree node. When the detector senses the tree, it causes the node breaker to fire with the chainsaw inside. After a short delay (to account for lag), the signal causes the filter-injector to send the chainsaw back to the battery box and another tree to be planted (via a pipeworks deployer)

  4. An adjustable vaccuming tube (radius set to 8) that sends saplings into the deployer and everything else into a chest. This chest is the output of this crazy system.


Whenever a tree grows, a chainsaw cuts down the tree and is then recharged. A new tree is planted and all wood and leaves is sucked into an output chest.


You can find this harvester at my Tree Farm travelnet station (under username flyinglatios). Please don’t break anything :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


ty soo much I will try my best to replicat this if I have any questions I will ask here

This is brilliant! Will try it out myself.

i like the name you said :smiley:
now its copyrighted, no one can copy it!!!

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