Alternative sources of yellow dye?

Hello everyone,
I’ve been using quite a few glo stones lately, and I’ve got an upcoming project where I want to use even more of them. I find that around villages it can now be difficult to find enough yellow plants as a source of yellow dye. I wonder if there’s any other way of making yellow dye other than from plants? (or a way of making glo stones without yellow dye?) Can’t find anything else in the recipe book, but I understand there are some missing recipes, so it’s worth a short!

Also, I have noticed that there’s a large number of yellow plants that don’t produce any yellow dye – perhaps plants that are part of a different modpack. For consistency and for general convenience I think it would be nice if all/more yellow plants produced yellow dye (I know that the plants/dye situation has been discussed in another thread somewhere on the forums o sorry if I’m double-reporting this).

The nice thing about searching for yellow flowers is that I get to see a lot of new ares, so that’s a plus :slight_smile:

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Milan is responsible for adding more dyes to flowers…
But until then:

  1. Plant some of the working flowers on a plain grass area. They will spread. But they need space. So remove newly grown flowers and place them some nodes farer away.
  2. Use bonemeal on dirt/grass/… :wink:
    It’s quite easy that way to gather a stack of flowers within a quite short time.

Oh brilliant thanks! Will do this :slight_smile:

Here is another easy way to produce lots of “glo stone” very fast (even automaticaly) :

Use a “staff of light” on an “default:stone” or “default:desert_stone” -> the stone will then become a glostone!

This can even be done in a technic + mesecons + pipeworks machine!

Oh I had no idea , thanks a lot! Will look into that :grinning:

you are welcome!
If I am fast enough , I will place such a machine for presentation inside the /castle “Illuna Tech University” … amog the other machinery examples…

Thanks for showing me this ingame over the weekend @Aule , and for your generous gift of a staff of light and diamond boots. Both have made my construction work much easier!