AFK Has Questions — Book II

I kid! I kid! Just a few quick ones this round…

  1. Loud, random “CLUNK” noise? (maybe with a little magic- or electricity- effect mixed in?)

  2. Linked from a few places, but not working for me: ?

  3. Craft/buy those one-way transport pads? “teleport_potion:pad”

  4. Lava orbs?

Thinking of those two items and more, instead of listing everything I can’t figure out: I find myself constantly searching for info on how to use/find/craft things. If it’s not in the crafting guide, sometimes I’ll manage to find an OG “Here’s my new mod!” forum post with some hints from the author. Sometimes a YouTube demo. Once or twice I gave up and just read the mod code.

  1. Is there a better or more central source for minetest info/mod info?
    …Uh. …ask here? :sweat_smile:

Any answers or info appreciated. Thanks!

1 +2. @Milan
3. no.
4. from lava flans
5. we try to offer that with our wiki. when you find information, feel free to add :slight_smile:

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  1. The “CLUNK” is probably the right click of the “scythe of agni” (maybe wrong written) - an event item from last Halloween.
    With right click you can spawn a “little helper”, but this is heard all around the server. The left click noise was fixed as far as i know… :smiley:
    This “little helpers” also should disappear after a short time, but this is also not very stable…
    These things are hopefully fixed by @Milan
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  1. The problem is that the craft guide list firstly items that can be crafted - so a lot items are missing there…
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Thanks. Makes sense.

  1. I was told the shield plays its sound globally when you take damage, there was even a fix upstream, and I think it was fixed on illuna but didn’t work, or maybe the scythe’s little helpers use the same sound. And I’m pretty sure the scythe’s DM fireball sound is still played globally. I’ll look into it when I get time…

  2. The site is violating its Content Security Policy and your browser refused to load it.

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  1. Now you’ve got me doubting my memories, but I thought I’d heard it while I’m the only one on the server and idle. I’ll pay attention to status from now on. I’ve seen dragons/jackolanterns/etc little helpers before, but didn’t notice a correlation. Do they work while nobody has their location loaded?
    I clearly remember this last “clunk”, as there were no mobs around… idling afk… game naturally being quiet… I had my headphones turned up a bit too high…██CHONK!!██ Near peed myself.

  2. Right right. You (air, yes?) mentioned CSP in chat and I promptly forgot it. I have that browser’s security turned up to 11.


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