Add bucket for loud walking poison

This patch allows poison from the loud walking mod to be picked up in a bucket.

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thanks, added, will be live by tomorrow

cc @Dirk

Thank you!
Not sure if there are a lot of other players that are as interested as me into deadly things like poisoned water, but some may be be :smiley:

Maybe I’ll add some in my pyramid maze.

Do you sell it? There are players who would pay a stack of gold blocks per bucket. :wink:

13:25 Dirk
The poisoned water is pointable with buckets, but I still did not manage to pick it up.

16:26 Milan odd… worked for me

ok… :-D, some more copy and paste then:

16:46 Dirk
here, dotti, when i try to pick up the water, what do i wrong?

16:47 dotti
Dirk: can’t do it either.

Topic closed :stuck_out_tongue: