About the Hemp Mod


smokeing in minetest …

Many of us are old enough for a responsible use of alcohol, weed or other drugs.

Twice I asked @poke very nicely to remove this post and he said he would. I am disappointed to see it is still here. I explained smoking this is illegal in many parts of the world, including where I live.

I feel that the promotion of illegal activity should not be part of The Wonderful World of Illuna.

I agree with @ClaudiusMinimus

Ok. Changed it into [CENSORED] because you guys asked it.

Also, i would love to see the normal tobacco mod from Lord Of The Test, instead of that weed sh*t.

@poke said:
Ok. Changed it into [CENSORED] because you guys asked it.

Poke, thank you for modifying your post, it is a STEP in the right direction. And I appreciate how you have been very respectiveness to me in-game as we have discussed this issue. While, I am grateful for the steps you have taken, I wonder if there might be little more that you might be able to censor, such as words like “sh__” and the actual survey? I suggest this because there are some potentially wonderful players who might see this survey and language and pass up playing on Illuna because we appear to be an uncivilized bunch of rowdies. I was attracted to and have remained on Illuna because of the extreme high quality of the community and those who operate it. My only desire is to help build Illuna and support those who bring us this wonderful refuge from the world.

Again, I thank you for respecting the wishes of the community and the changes you have made. I know you have great potential and I look forward to seeing you do amazing things.
Your Friend,

PS: The reason I am not sending this privately, is for those potential new players and those who are part of Illuna to know that we care about Illuna and each and every player, which includes you, @poke

By the way, the No answer won. So milan should not implement smoking marihuana.

And by the way, i am the weirdo that waits until a ban here :slight_smile:

Let’s close this discussion :slight_smile: