A "hoe" lot of trouble


Im trying to start a farm and i cannot get my how to plow the ground diagonally.



The hoe always makes the lines in the same direction,. You might be able to rotate them with the screwdriver and use the replacing tool to place more of them in the other direction.


your minisuns are blocking the ground - they spawn invisible glowing nodes that are in the way so you should adjust your placement of them


Situations like this are the reason there are no minisuns for normal players on techeth!


Thanks, i removed the mini-suns and finished plowing the ground.
My hemp isn’t growing though.


hemp needs around three minisun free nodes to grow


You didn’t get the message.
You’re using a node you don’t understand(minisun).
Minisuns don’t work with farming, water and lava at all!


How far do the nodes go?
Minisuns arn’t effecting the rest of my crops, only the hemp.


five nodes radius or so? cannot check right now… do trial/error


Ok thanks, when can you come on?


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