A fix for all skins mods

The server loads the character creator (inventory button) skin mod first, then homedecor wardrobe mod and finally the wardrobe mod. This means setting a homedecor skin will prevent a character creator skin from ever loading when you login. The wardrobe mod never loads its skin at login, but if it did, setting one would override the other two mods at login, because it loads last.

The following patch fixes all of that. The wardrobe mod will now restore its skin at login, and it has a new button to clear its skin and the homedecor skin. It clears to the default skin, but at the next login the character creator skin will become active. Or you can open character creator and press the ‘Done’ button to restore its skin immediately.

So just get a wardrobe (not homedecor version) to fix all of your skin problems! :slight_smile:

@Milan http://mt.qzx.com/illuna/files/wardrobe--allow-character-creator-homedecor-and-wardrobe-mods-to-work-together.patch


wohoo, this is now live on Techeth, thanks! :tada: