1) Sorry, 2) Respect, and 3) Ouch! : Bandwidth ... Haemorrhaging Data :(


Hello Again fellow block-folk; long time no see; sadly, as always a case of ‘‘real-life etc…’’

Felt a real need for richly immersive escape yesterday and made a bee-line for Illuna. Immediately on login dotti alerted me to a problem. I was in the way. So, ‘‘Apologies!’’ to everyone inconvenienced by my initial ad-hoc hobbit-hole, itself merely a chance-location dive-like-a-mole new-server overnight-refuge against monster-mobs. :slight_smile: At least now, with dotti’s help, I’ve started the process of finding a new location to establish a proper base, somewhere out of the way.

But reflecting on the fact that it was all still intact despite the absence of any Protections, the fact that it hadn’t been demolished despite the serious hiatus since my last login, to my mind that speaks volumes about the levels of considerate respect on this server, both admins and peer community. And I think that’s worth vocalising explicitly. Too much in life you find totally the opposite.

So, ‘‘Respect, Commendation and Thanks!’’ to all concerned.

The pre-amble to my third point is the fact that unfortunately I do not have full permanent internet-access, but instead it’s patchy charitable use of a relative’s mobile dongle. A dongle which (as I believe to be common among mobile devices) has Data-Caps.

In yesterday’s journeying I died twice, killed by the dark mobs, and so, after setting a temporary camp to dig enough, I decided to make the day’s goal to get at least a full suit of Bronze Armour.

I did indeed achieve the bronze suit, but today I’m informed the price was half-a-gigabyte of data.

Hence the ‘‘Ouch!!!’’

I know the initial media-download took a long time, probably (and predictably) in no small part because of updates to all the high-res textures and sounds since last login … definitely much more than a hundred MB, maybe two. That was similar to when I first joined Illuna (if I remember correctly), and probably to be expected for such a rich in-world experience.

Unfortunately the arithmetic suggests that the continuous data-use, the ever-ticking baseline bandwidth being consumed, is perhaps an order of magnitude higher than other servers I’ve tried.

Question : Must I resign myself to visits being a de-facto luxury, metered and rare, or is there anything I could do at this end, the client end, to slash the data-use to a fraction of what it seems to be…?



Thank you for your kind words JJ.

I wanted to look for some time now at the png size of the texture. A while back i have read something about texture compression on the minetest forum, that is definitely a goal, we could also try to compress the music a bit.

We will do our best to optimize this :slight_smile:

@Curious_JJ I could not agree with you more. I was expressing why Illuna is a great server and it is because of the people. Many of the builds are wonderful, but it is the quality of the players that make Illuna shine brightly B) (hence the sunglasses) I hope you are able to find a way to be in game with us and I look forward to seeing you again soon. =)